Team building day

We started of the week on our team building day at Lineham Farm. We were split into two team to complete the activities. We did an obstacle course and bush craft skills. In the obstacle course we had to work together in pairs to begin with to keep our partner safe around the course, then we swapped. After the obstacle course we had a team challenge on the rope swing. In teams of 6 the children had to work together to get from one platform to another. Each time the teams went the platform became smaller! By the last platform it was very tricky. In bush craft skills we had to work as a group to build and tend to a fire. The children listened very carefully to the instructions and were really sensible. After we had made the fire we cooked marshmallows on the fire and ate them! It was such a lovely day to spend with my old and new class! We really worked well together as a team.

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